Trail Management at Woodland Trail

Trail Management at Woodland Trail


Trail Management at Woodland Trail Park.

Minot, North Dakota (August 8th, 2019) – Woodland Trail Park will be closed Friday, August 9th through Sunday, August 11th, as crews remove woody debris. Woodland Trail Park recently became an Urban Woods and Prairies (UWP) Initiative nature park, a program run by Audubon Dakota to restore native habitats in North Dakota’s cities. Removal of woody debris will open up the forest floor to sunlight, allowing native woodland sedges and flowers to grow. Seeds of native plants will also be broadcast in Woodland Trail Park as part of the restoration process.

The Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative, established by a North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund grant in 2014, began as the premier urban habitat restoration project in the Fargo-Moorhead area. UWP expanded to Grand Forks, Bismarck, and Minot in 2018, with over 1200 acres of urban habitat currently enrolled across North Dakota. Other Minot sites currently undergoing restoration include Nubbin and Oak Parks. Sites that have completed restoration have established high quality native grass and wildflower plant communities after being seeded in 2015, creating habitat for birds and pollinating butterflies and bees. The remaining sites enrolled are also in various stages of management with the goal of controlling invasive species and increasing native vegetation composition. After the initial three years of establishment, partnering landowner entities such as the Minot Park District, have committed to managing each site to maintain habitat diversity and health.

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