Minot Parks Boulevard Tree Program is Now Open

Minot Parks Boulevard Tree Program is Now Open

April 22, 2020

For Immediate Release

Minot Parks Boulevard Tree Program is Now Open

Minot, ND- The Minot Park District is excited to announce the Minot Park District Boulevard Tree Planting Program is open and ready to take your orders.

“It’s a great time to put in your tree orders for the summer.” Says Ron Merritt, Executive Director of the Minot Park District. “Our forestry department will help you pick out the perfect tree based on your location.”

The Minot Park District has a large variety of trees that work in an array of different city boulevard locations. The forestry team will assist you in picking out a tree that will fit your location, soil conditions and take in account any overhead power lines.

If you are interested in ordering a tree you can contact our Forestry department at 701-857-4781 or visit our website at minotparks.com.

Once you have the type of tree selected you can finalize your purchase with our main office at 857-4136. The cost for all trees is $125.00 for the tree, planting, staking and mulching. You can purchase a one-year warranty for your tree at a cost of $25.00 per tree. It is important to note that the homeowner is in charge of watering and care of the tree.

For fulling listing of trees, please visit our forestry page


For more information please call the Minot Park District office at 857-4136.