Indoor Recreation Facility Study

Indoor Recreation Facility Study

 July 14, 2021

For Immediate Release

Minot Parks Indoor Facility Survey 

Minot, ND- The Minot Park District is currently studying their indoor recreation facilities and are looking to the community for their feedback and opinions on the existing facilities and programs as a part of a long-term master planning effort. 

Ron Merritt, Executive Director of the Minot Park District said, “We believe planning for the future is an integral part of a successful community.” says, Merritt. “Planning for the future allows us to organize our communities wants and needs as well as plan our budget in a fiscally responsible manner.”

The Minot Park District is asking their community to take part in planning for the future by completing an indoor facility survey online to help develop future plans for Minot Park District and the community they serve. 

“Who better to ask about the future of the Minot Park District than our community members, who use our parks and facilities on a daily basis.” says Merritt.  

The Minot Park District is working with JLG Architects on an indoor recreation facility study to analyze future uses of the Minot Municipal Auditorium and the land adjacent to the MAYSA Arena.  The target date for completion of the study is fall of 2021.

“We want everyone to understand this study is part of a long-term master plan.” says, Merritt.  “As a Park District this allows for us to plan projects, budgets and fundraising efforts to impact our community’s quality of life in the most efficient way possible.”

The survey can be found at or under “News”.

For more information, please call the Minot Park District office at 857-4136.