Youth Volleyball & Basketball

Youth Fall & Winter Leagues

Youth basketball and volleyball are offered during the fall and winter season. Please check with your child’s school for more information on joining a team.

Youth Basketball

Registration through child’s school

Boys and Girls youth basketball is a fall and winter recreation league organized through your child’s school.  Please follow the link for updated game schedules.

Game Schedules

Youth Basketball Guidelines

1. Teams will be made up from elementary schools throughout the city of Minot. The teams will be made up of boys/girls from the same school and grade level. Fifth grade kids will play in the fifth grade level and fourth grade kids will play in the fourth grade level. The only time a team will be allowed to bring up kids from the next grade level below is in the case of a team having only five or fewer players. This must be cleared through the Recreation Office.

2. The principals / athletic directors of the individual schools shall use their discretion when putting together teams from their school. The coaches will be volunteers, for the most part, and shall follow the guidelines set forth by the Parks & Recreation and their individual schools.

3. The Parks & Recreation will conduct the basketball leagues for both boys and girls and will follow the written grade school playing rules that have been set up by the Minot Parks & Recreation and / or directors.

4. The Minot Parks & Recreation reserves the right to change and or adopt any rules that it deems necessary to run a fair and safe recreational basketball program. 5. The Minot Parks & Recreation is under direct guidance of the Minot Park Board.

Youth Basketball Rules

Youth Girls Volleyball

Registration through child’s school

Minot Parks 4th and 5th Grade Girls Volleyball Rules (6 on 6)

1. A team consists of 6 players. There must be at least 5 players present at all times to play a match.

2. A bigger “trainer” volleyball will be used for the 4th grade and a regular sized “Volley Lite” ball for the 5th grade. We are using modified balls to make it easier to serve and keep the ball in play. The court size will be 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep on each side for the 4th grade and 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep (regulation court) for the 5th grade. There will be an adjusted serving line for the 5th grade (5 feet from the end line).

Court Diagram

3. Each match will be the best two out of three games. All games will be scored by the Rally Point method of scoring (point scored on every served ball). The first two games will be to 15 points and the third game will be to 9 points (only played if necessary). There will be a cap of 17 points on the first two games and 11 on the third game. There will be no time limit.

4. Teams will be expected to be at their scheduled court, ready to play, at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time. Games will start early if possible, and will be considered a forfeit if your team is not present and ready to play as the court becomes available.

5. Servers only get one try to get the ball over the net. A ball touching the net and going over is playable.

6. The ball can be hit 3 times on either side to return it over the net.

7. Players must bump the ball on a service return. They will not be allowed to hit it overhand off the serve.

8. A player can hit the ball not more than once in succession.

9. The ball is considered dead whenever it hits the floor or goes beyond the boundary lines. A ball is good if it hits any part of the boundary lines.

10. A ball may be played off the net, including on the serve.

11. Rotate clockwise.

12. Substitution: A) Sub only in center back position. B) Sub person for person (Ex: Lisa goes in for Sara).

13. Fouls: A) Stepping on or over the line while serving. B) Touching the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play. C) Stepping over the center line while the ball is in play. D) Catching the ball or open hand below the waist. E) Serving out of turn.

14. Each team will receive one 30 second time out per game.

** If you have any questions on these rules or anything else please contact Ann at the Recreation Office at 857-4136.