What is horticulture?
Horticulture is defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary as the art or science of growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, turf grass and shrubs especially in gardens. The Horticulture Department does all of that and much more as it oversees all the ground maintenance (except trees) of the parks within the Park District. The Park District has about 700 acres of developed parkland plus an additional 200 acres of undeveloped land for future use. This includes Roosevelt and Oak Parks, Corbett Field, Roosevelt Park Zoo, The Optimist Soccer Complex, and 10 neighborhood parks.

Future Projects

The Horticulture Department is actively involved in several projects. At present  we are using the Keihn donation for future development to build a third greenhouse.

Generous Gifts

The Horticulture Department has been the recipient of several generous gifts over the past ten years. With one of those gifts, by Henry and Marian Kiehn, the Park District was able to build a second greenhouse and work complex, where we grow about 30,000 annuals and perennials each year. The second gift was from Ms. Dell Clarke (Marian Kiehn’s sister). That generous gift has been set aside for future development of horticulture projects. I would like to thank the numerous people who have given of their time and donations over the years so that we can maintain the excellent flower program we have.