Minot’s Forestry Department works hard to serve the community by maintaining trees throughout the city, as well as within the parks. Everyday, we are out tending to trees along the boulevards, answering homeowner’s questions regarding their trees, and simply doing our best to make Minot a more beautiful and safe place to live!

2023 Boulevard Tree List

We will again have trees available that we will plant on your boulevard. There are several varieties available, and these will be planted for $150.00 per tree. If you would like a one-year guarantee, the charge will be $175.00 per tree.


Please contact the Forestry Department at 857-4178.

Amur Flame Maple
Chinkapin Oak (New)
Spring Snow Crab
Ivory Silk Lilac
Greenspire Linden
Skyline Honeylocust
Amur Chokecherry (New)
Valley Forge Elm
Prairie Horizon Alder
Princeton Elm
Northern Pin Oak
Little Leaf Linden
Sienna Glen Maple
Ohio Buckeye
Silver Queen Maple
Bur Oak

Boulevard Tree Planting Guidelines

  1. To help see around intersections and when backing out of driveways we space trees a minimum of 25 feet.  Spacing will also vary depending on species selection.
  2. Space the tree 40 feet or more away from an intersection.  On busier intersections, the tree 50 feet or more away from the intersection.
  3. Trees should not be planted closer than 20 feet from a streetlight.
  4. To minimize root damage incase a water line needs repair trees should not be planted closer than 10 feet to a curb stop or waterline.
  5. Is the planting site at least 10 feet away from the driveway?  To prevent the roots from lifting the driveway and branches blocking the driveway in the future don’t plant closer than 10 feet.
  6. Look up!  Are there lines above the boulevard or above the planting site? Smaller trees should be considered in this situation, or it may just not be a good place for a tree.