Youth Basketball

Youth Fall & Winter Basketball

Youth basketball is offered during the fall and winter season.

Youth Basketball

Boys and Girls youth basketball is a fall and winter recreation league organized by the Minot Park District. Follow the link for updated game schedules.

Game Schedules

Youth Basketball Guidelines

1. Teams will be made up from elementary schools throughout the city of Minot. The teams will be made up of boys/girls from the same school and grade level. Fifth grade kids will play in the fifth grade level and fourth grade kids will play in the fourth grade level. The only time a team will be allowed to bring up kids from the next grade level below is in the case of a team having only five or fewer players. This must be cleared through the Recreation Office.

2.  The coaches will be volunteers, for the most part, and shall follow the guidelines set forth by the Parks & Recreation and their individual schools.

3. The Parks & Recreation will conduct the basketball leagues for both boys and girls and will follow the written grade school playing rules that have been set up by the Minot Parks & Recreation and / or directors.

4. The Minot Parks & Recreation reserves the right to change and or adopt any rules that it deems necessary to run a fair and safe recreational basketball program. 5. The Minot Parks & Recreation is under direct guidance of the Minot Park Board.

Youth Basketball Rules