Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe

Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe

Cross Country Skis and Snowshoes are available to rent at the Corbett Field warming house starting December 17, 2022

Monday – Friday 4:00-9:30pm

Saturday and Sunday 12:00-9:30pm

Located at 13th Street SE & East Burdick Expy (behind Corbett Field)

The cost for rental skis and snowshoes is $7. Rental skis and snowshoes are to be used on Minot Park District Property only.  Trails are groomed at Moose Park & Oak Park when snow conditions allow.

Trail Conditions:

12/ 29– The ski trail crew was out this morning surveying trail conditions. The warm weather we’ve had the past couple of days was a good break from the deep cold we’ve recently endured, but the really warm temps were hard on some sections of the xc ski trails in the Moose Park area. The ski trails in Oak Park remain in good shape in spite of the warm temps.

The crew shoveled snow onto several short trail sections on the Moose and Crazy 8 trails where ski tracks were thin or bare. There were a couple of longer sections of trail on the Moose trail that need to be re-routed where the snow is deeper. Filling these sections in by hand was not a workable option.
Because our tracked 4×4 trail grooming vehicle needs service it will be a day or two before those longer sections can be re-routed and groomed. We appreciate your patience in this regard.
The Sprint trail remains in good shape, as does the Crazy 8 trail now that the bare spots have been filled in. We ask skiers to” ski in” those two short sections on Crazy 8. You’ll know when you get to them. And, as mentioned above Oak Park is in good shape as well.
The trail crew has received several questions recently about snowshoeing. Snowshoers are allowed on the Crazy 8 trail and the Sprint trail. The wide ski-skating lane is suitable on those trails, just keep to the very left side of that lane to give adequate room for skate-skiers to go past, particularly if they come up behind you and you are unaware of their presence. Snowshoeing is great at the Bison Plant Trails, just east of town off Highway 52, and Woodland trail would also be a good place to snowshoe as well.

Crazy 8 Ski Trail

Double Track Ski Trail

Sprint Track Ski Trail